Nirvana Capital Management

Just as a portfolio of stocks needs to be actively managed over time, so does an individual’s investment portfolio.

We assess our clients’ financial goals, identify their tolerance for risk, and design investment strategies to help our clients achieve their financial objectives. Our team leverages our investment experience to help clients achieve long-term financial goals throughout various investment stages. Our experienced equity research teams perform comprehensive company and industry analysis. We then rely on our strong buy-sell discipline to ensure adherence to both value and quality philosophies.

Institutional Asset Management

As an emerging equity and fixed income manager, we provide advisory services to pension funds, endowments, and foundations. We focus on helping clients establish an investment policy statement that is in close alignment with their mission.  We offer an individually segregated account structure for both equity and fixed income clients.

Cedar Hill Asset Management is a majority minority owned firm consisting of an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals committed to the emerging manager arena. Cedar Hill Management has has been formed as a joint venture between Nirvana Capital Management and Shaker Investments. We administer a Small Capital Equity Growth Fund that invests in the common stocks of small market capitalization U.S. corporations.

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